About ALPF

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ALPF is a non profit organization that wants to bring together all freelance teachers who work in Luxembourg, regardless of the subject they teach.

The Association was founded in 2016 following many years of reflection and experience in the freelance teaching sector.

The ALPF is a signatory to the volunteer charter of the Agence du bénévolat Luxembourg (a.s.b.l).


  1. To listen, advise and train existing and future freelance teachers and educators.
  2. To organise events to promote contact between freelance teachers and educators.
  3. To develop pedagogical projects.
  4. To help language schools and training centres recruit teachers.
  5. To facilitate the search of a home tutor for families.
  6. To collaborate with other associations on educative or entrepreneurial projects.

Who is it for

For all freelance teachers or those who wish to become one;

  • For language schools, training centres or individuals looking for teachers or trainers;
  • For associations.

Why is it useful?

For freelance teachers :

We will listen to you and we will help you.
We will allow you access to resources and pedagogical training courses.
We will organise events to get to know you and to exchange ideas, to have fun and to build your knowledge through various activities.

For private individuals looking for teachers:

We will willingly send your job offers to our members. If they are interested they will contact you directly.

For associations:

If you wish we can join your activities if they are linked to training, pedagogical, educational or entrepreneurial matters.

Source : https://www.thelab.lu/blog/2017/about-alpf


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